nebbia web





An year, another.
Spring and winter, both: a day
so black and white and dark and light and
me and me, the other me, the better one
the worst!

An year, another.
I older feel my body and me. Now older.
I am
a night love son, so daughter of
a blind impulse, an empty skin
in shadow fog, not visible but nude,
anyway nude
so poor!

An year, another.
More faded is my breast and stars
a spider draws and I
between my eyes and up can see.
Pale smoothed life, as pale
moonlight not day.
My shiver, love, squeeze harder, squeeze
my heart
and me!

An year, another,
another me.
I hope another life;
in you I see
another me.
I hope you love and Christ
would make me adult.
Make adult me!
Extract myself from me, from this
so masked face both nude
So kneeling I
I pray

16th March 2013


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