Will win winter








Will win winter perhaps this my pale
life of nothing but myself exceeding
each my talents, my eyes to my belly,
my uneasy hands shake only the air

Is now winter till here, grey the sky
dirty snow on earth looses. I cold
feel my skin both my soul and this heart.
Easter wish I to be back alive

Stop my winter, delightful sweet love
be my spring toward Easter and truth
of a life story which runs to end
be my colours, the blue in my sky

Take off masks from my so tired face
show me, put me on my true own way
take my hands, force me to be myself
true that people to be whom I’m born

Will win winter, perhaps, if I cry
alone, justice and truth alone looking for.
Give me eyes, give me heart, fulfil me
I’ll fix my sight where you try to see

(Written for you and You in a strange, almost spring snowing day)

20th March 2013

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