Why in English?

I’m silly, but not totally stupid; I’m proud but not blind: I know how bad is my English. I studied this language only at school and hardly ever I used it.
So, why to write in English?

I like writing in Italian, my language, and I have a lot of that my stuff; only a few of these stuffs was read by people different from me; only one people knows both me, the real me, and the author of my stuff. My stuff was never published before I started to be online in the web.
Yes: and what connection between the English and what I’m talking about?

I usually don’t think to what  I want to write: are my words to come to me while I’m doing something: I only write them to fix them.
It seems fool, but sometimes I had written word in English about some arguments because  I was ashamed to write them in Italian, the language I know and understand very well. For instance, it was so about some love stuff, or some erotic stuff.
It is fool, but started so.

Then, I made curious to the sound of my words in English; so, specially using Second Life, I listened to readings of English poetry. I liked a lot that sound, which I never heard before.
Well: I started to write sometimes in Italian and sometimes (trying and with a lot of errors) in English. I usually don’t translate my Italian stuff into English and vice versa, even if I tried doing so with a series of words inspired to Virginia Woolf’s The waves.
My English stuff, right or (most probably) wrong, is quite born as English stuff, not as translation.

Most of that English stuff is on this site and you can read it, if you don’t have better things to do.
I know how bad my English is: please, if you want, correct me. Help me.
Thank you.


Judy Barton at Plusia (Second Life), during the presentation of  her book “Mitla”.
She is the cat like girl in black.

4 comments on “Why in English?

  1. novavox says:

    I think it is great that you do this. It is a very difficult task to move the translations and manage to keep the emotions, textures, meaning of what you write to translate. I admire your effort and your skill as a writer. I attempted to write one work in another language but could never capture the tempo of the write. My saving grace was to enlist the aid of fellow poets who spoke and wrote in that language. It has been great to meet you and to follow your writing.


    • judybarton says:

      It was great for me listening to reading in English and even more listening to your reading of my words, saturday night!
      I am not able to imagine the real sound of my stuff in your language!
      Thank you, really, thank you.


  2. seedbud says:

    Judy, I love your blog. Amazing that you are writing in english. I can’t imagine trying to write in another language. I only dream of speaking Italian. Wonderful work.


    • judybarton says:

      You are very (too much?) gentle. I like your seeds made by words and images. I am trying to know as english sounds and I know very well how my english is poor and uncorrect.
      Thank you for your visit just here.


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