A fantasy


Solitude as an ill-judged dream
brings me across me, outside me till
a strange fantasy lace, a sweet fancy
made by black ghosts of nowhere lost girls

I am as a young black female cat
only a dark shadow in the dark hedge
watching at you with gold yellow eyes
always free, with no owner nor bounds

So I dress this red cat necklace now
with its little bronze bell that rings when
I jump or move my body fast or
I dance for you as now really I do

I dress only this red cat necklace
on my skin that grows younger and wild
as when love comes into my flesh and
moves me with a such gentle breath

I am ringing with my red necklace
like a nonsense and sleepless young girl
playing with her sweet and light, mild thoughts…
I long for your clean eyes, for your smile

Waiting for sleeping, Helvete Norge Fjord, August, 23rd 2015

Italian translation here

5 comments on “A fantasy

  1. marinaraccanelli says:

    non ti so commentare in inglese, ma questi versi mi sembrano una fantastica, sinuosa danza di parole che celano messaggi sfumati, un po’ malinconici un po’ maliziosi


  2. judybarton says:

    Yes, you are right: it really so. Thank you.


  3. […] in inglese è qui purtroppo, poiché le parole in italiano sono più lunghe, non riesco a tradurre tutto e questa […]


  4. chance says:

    marinaraccanelli says it perfectly. it is wonderful


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