Pelle d'oca


Now come, creep
below the circus of my skin
here where my masks no more resist

Then you slip
along my shivers, where you spill
your love and make me really exist

Again I seek
an angel under my pale skin
but soon my evil wins: that’s mist

It’s time to sleep
tomorrow will returns, like sin.
I’m nothing: my Lord, make me consist!

SL, Helvete Norge Fjord, November, 7th 2015,

Taking words from Glitter: thank you Glitter!
Go here for the Italian translation


2 comments on “Creep

  1. Judy e Lyth says:

    […] L’originale inglese, intraducibile nel rispetto del suono, sta qui. […]


  2. oh judy! how i love your writes!…is very rare here in SL to feel , t see ,,,,writes such as these,,,,’Grazie judy ,,miewww’


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