Cold skin

terry occhi3


My friend Terry made this pic in SL. These words are both for me and for her.

Cold skin shows all my thoughts naked, so
every night  I dress darkness to go
where I meet you to make love alone.

We are only a bright little star
that survives in a shiver, then dies
lost in nowhere space without a cry

Daylight cuts off the truth and my masks
come to protect myself from those eyes
as my clothes hide my shameful flesh

No one may ever see my deep soul
otherwise I became brittle glass.
No one must ever see myself nude

I kneel down, often I kneel and lie
under the bad world eyes that strip me:
white and cold then I show no girl’s soul

White and cold as a dead woman knows

SL, Helvete Norge Fjord,
November 15th, 2015


Here you can find the bad translation into the Italian language.

One comment on “Cold skin

  1. […] me che per lei. Dico subito che mi spiace non essere riuscita a tradurre il testo inglese, che sta qui insieme all’immagine, in italiano: ho provato almeno a riprodurne le impressioni. Nuda mente […]


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