GlitterPrincess Destiny‘s original work



Viewing some Glitter’s try pictures for a new expo:

We are music, the music we make
as two wings on an angel’s back, fly
of the souls, of the hearts, like the notes
of the old piano I met in the sand

So I met you in my desert heart:
sandy blood so could be life again
as a warm sun in my winter days
you were here, you were me, I was you

You are my music, my wings and my fly
where I can be myself , even if
something falls, something is missed or
loses itself in a far, worse land

My wings tear as old brown leaves on trees
my blood turns again to dry cold sand…
I miss you and I miss myself too:
my face is mirror of upset mind

SL, Helvete Norge Fjord, November 22nd 2015



Go here for the Italian version

3 comments on “Storyboard

  1. marinaraccanelli says:

    you are music, beautiful you are…


  2. […] L’originale inglese, che amo maggiormente, è questo. […]


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