Bombyx mori

dedicated to Bryn Oh, one of the most well-known SL artists

Thus she was really girl, after months
of no life, sleepy like days of wind.
Moonlight touched silky skin, a white thing
velvet frost which reveals a night moth

When I first came here I was a white
bombyx, then a cocoon that I wore
until was time to open the door
and to be myself, girl of twilight

Rounded egg as cold embryo and then part
of the silver flying beauty of the night,
broken darkness, twee smile and too sigh
she now shows what she is: she is art

SL, Helvete Norge Fjord, November 22nd 2015


Here there is the Italian version


One comment on “Bombyx mori

  1. […] sciocche parole, che almeno nell’originale inglese contengono rime, sono dedicate a Bryn Oh, persona gentile e affascinante, uno dei più noti artisti […]


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