Ceramic doll

Terry doll

This is an original Terry work from her EXPO “Ceramic dolls”.

To know better the whole Terry work, see this interesting and well done review; about that review, please, note that I do not consider in the pics I like more the erotic pulsion as important; I do not like a lot art works in which the female body shows its details or sexually explicit photos.


(a Terry picture)


Pale doll down on her knees she seems waiting
for the show that asks for herself there.
To begin, to be height and alive
something needs both her body and her soul

Purple stripes on her legs, on her arms,
signs of whips: hate of the time and days
gone without colours. Signs of her flesh
still yet rarely, sometimes, like alive

Past lives made hard her skin, her soul cold
sadness came alike snow on flat grounds
Is she waiting for something… the show?
She is waiting alone for died days

There are luxury curtains, red, carved
in the space of the stage: they are main
drama characters and so they can play
taking that puppet leash, moving her

Also I am here waiting for that
One I don’t see and could make me alive.
Also I am on that empty stage,
pale ceramic hard doll without heart


SL, Enoki, December, 6th 2015


Italian version here

One comment on “Ceramic doll

  1. […] di Terry. Stavolta non riesco neppure a conservare la pur povera struttura dell’originale in inglese. Sono sempre […]


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