In memoriam

Written after a year from your death.


Photo by J.B., 2009


Never. Never I knew you. You
too, you did not see me. I
do not show myself never to friends.
Hidden life.
this, my life
has no sense, has no salt.
It doesn’t serve.
I don’t serve
because I serve no one.

Once you were.
You still are.
You are better.

We were neighbours for years.
Now you are made by another light.

I am like eyelid closed in the shadow,
black veil that hides the sky all around.
I am like
a wisp of
my own smoke.
On my worms
I sustain myself: I
who refuse everything else.

Please now you
pray to God for me
ask Him that I have again my substance


January, 24th 2016


The reference for the second part of the 4th stanza is Dante’s Inferno, Canto III.

Thank you Lemonodo Oh for suggestions and correctins of my bad English!


Italian version

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