I get older

G.Klimt, The Three Ages of Woman


Now, today, it’s a day I get older,
when a year adds itself to the others
and I am till now here as a stranger
looking for space, for nods to my acts

Just today is a day I get older
and this year I pile up with the previous
and I cannot keep tight in my hands
concrete matter: my strength soon falls down

Yes: today I get suddenly older.
Only a few timid steps: only a hint
of a baby dream’s path, just a track
that I fail every day that I kill

So today is the day I get older
yet the next year I’ll say the same pain.
I am looking for you: squeeze my wrinkles.

I’m a growing old body, I’m in it


March, 14th 2016


Italian version


3 comments on “I get older

  1. Beautiful, divine poetry … I have a print of that gorgeous painting above my head as I type!


  2. judybarton says:

    lol …
    you are very gentle… thank you


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