A calm joy


St.Julius Isle, Orta Lake, J.B., 2013


Ancient myths tell us stories about
poisonous snakes and dragons and evil
nestled into this gloomy black island
filled with pagan and perverse rites

Now a calm joy invades every bay
and the same happiness welcomes us.
Black nuns bent under the weight of years
and novices both smile happy: they’re light

The millennial basilica is painted
with the colours of that old time life,
with the current certainty and with
the so serene song of women peace

I would like to find my peace path too
and at present time my way to joy.
Every wave here is whispering sweetly,
firmly however the hope really now


June, 26th 2016


Italian version

4 comments on “A calm joy

  1. […] Versione inglese […]


  2. marinaraccanelli says:

    i tuoi versi evocano l’incanto dell’isola: appena qualche pennellata oscura, e poi la calma e la gioia sognate


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