She & me. Part two: me


photo by me, 2015

2. Me

I have no leaves on my branches. My skin
becomes dry with the wind of the winter
that strips it both of love and belief
of each good verifying caresses

I’m a shiver. I ask for the Moon,
soft light twisting to my dry cold body
when I lie without words in the shadows
of all my gloomy thoughts built by absence

I lost feelings of sweetness and love
in the mist, which shades off farther here
any mountains and beauty semblances.
I’m a poor land, earth of little substance

I am the servant of demented cravings
to which I bend down, looking for toys
in my nothing. A diaphanous whisper
coats my flesh almost lifeless

 November, 28th 2016

Italian version

4 comments on “She & me. Part two: me

  1. Beautifully written 🙂


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