You introduce me

You introduce me to the sun today
when the summer is falling into autumn
and the night wins again on the day
and my face grows old while I watch you

You reflect the sun also today.
The equinox just went down and the mist
demurely dresses brown dry old twigs
that already sleep dreaming for leaves

You were sun and it was autumn day
in the strange old age owned by Rome;
we were young and my being across
the time was quite without any reason

You direct my gaze towards the sun
even if the time hurts also you
and my anger denies all the light.
In your eyes I see marks of splendour

September, 23rd 2016

Italian version


4 comments on “You introduce me

  1. […] Versione inglese […]


  2. wwayne says:

    Rieccomi! Mi hai fatto tornare in mente questo splendido film: L’hai visto?


    • judybarton says:

      lol… no… ma ora me lo segno!


      • wwayne says:

        Ottima decisione! Ti ringrazio per l’educazione che dimostri nel rispondermi sempre quando ti scrivo, e soprattutto per i tanti commenti che hai lasciato sul mio blog: sei una risorsa preziosa per i piacevolissimi dibattiti che nascono quando pubblico un nuovo post. 🙂


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