Avatar’s dew

I found this photo here


Ok: that so dear friend told me something about another meaning of the word “dew” in Japanese language.
I wrote this stuff for that friend …


You were smile of the dew
upon green winter grass
You were light happy rain
in my spring among nights

You were dream in my life
that runs fast toward death.
That’s my sin: to be there
empty mask withouth flesh


February, 1st 2018

3 comments on “Avatar’s dew

  1. Shhh says:

    So sorry but I need to correct your friend: they are japanese people who use this word 🙂
    …and about your beautiful poem. Personally I like better the “future” than the “past”


  2. judybarton says:

    Of course, you are right, I am thinking to that “future” …


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