Sweep me

Sorry… I could not take a my photography, so I used this one, found here


You put gold in a so deep blue sky
tonight and bright red copper reflections
in the clean crystal of this new air
after a whole day of strong fast wind

Sweep me like mountain breeze on my face,
enter my twisted mind, hold up my
heart: it’s already tired and it sways.
Make me burn again as a new spark

October, 24th 2018

Italian version

3 comments on “Sweep me

  1. […] Versione inglese […]


  2. marinaraccanelli says:

    molto bella, questa poesia, accompagnata da una foto che ben le si accompagna; un quadro di parole e colori, sotto il quale brucia la scintilla sofferente ma splendida della tua anima! il finale lascia un segno in chi legge


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