Intellect and love, by Anselm of Aosta

Anselmus, Archbishop of Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral. Pic from here


The soul’s surrender of itself to God

Book of Meditations, § 54

Eleventh meditation”Of the redemption of mankind”

O Lord, I beseech Thee,
that I may taste by love what I taste by speculation,
perceive by affection what I perceive by the understanding.

I owe Thee more than my whole self;
but neither have I more, nor even this that I am can I of myself give up whole to Thee.
Draw me, or rather this whole self of mine, O Lord, into Thy love.

All that I am is Thine by creation; make it all Thine by love.
Behold, O Lord, my heart lies open before Thee;
it tries, but of itself it cannot; what self cannot, do Thou.

Admit me within the chamber of Thy love.

I ask, I seek, I knock.
Thou who causest me to ask, cause me to receive.


Saint Anselm of Aosta (Saint Anselm of Canterbury)


My pc monitor shows me these words when I watch at its desktop.

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