JB, Elven Forest, today

When the night quickly comes like a ghost,
a dark velvet or silence, old veil
often bringing us pain memories …
I wish to be your wish and desire

When the moon rises so large and white
like a girl in love yet pure and chaste
and we feel to be such a poor thing …
I too wish to be wish and desire

When my purple spreads through all my neck
and my cheeks and elsewhere too
there where you want to touch my shy skin …
I must be your wish and your desire

When the fog deletes trees and each thing
in this world and we are like blind cats
without home, with no sense and no hope …
I want to be your wish and desire

When the death strikes so hard just near us
stealing from us what we need so much
and I shiver with fear and with cold …
I need to be your wish and desire

January, 1st 2022

My dear friend Terry made this beautiful photo after she read my words:


4 comments on “Wish

  1. […] friend Sharrow told me that she sees relationships between my stuff “Wish” and this poem by […]


  2. Trovo questa poesia davvero affascinante e suggestiva, scusami se non l’avevo letta prima – ti piace ammantare di mistero le tue parole, e ci riesci! complimenti

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] this is Wish 2, (very!) less serious than the previous one. Itr’s only a play, a joke. Is it?. Please, refer to the pic to fully understand its title. […]


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