Eve dream. Chapter three. Adam – part two

cacciata Masaccio

Masaccio, Cacciata di Adamo ed Eva. Detail

Eve dream first episode (Lilith part one)

Previous episode (Adam part one)


Adam felt silent, speechless, while Eve looked down, as to count her toes. The zuffolo fell to the floor and, once again, everything was only silence.
Neither of them knew what to say, what to do. Nobody wanted to talk.
They walked at random, slowly, absorbed in different thoughts, joined by the same embarrassment. By the same fear.
They climbed a hillock, then walked over a meadow and through a grove of maple trees, until they proceeded near to the edge of a pool filled with beautiful, cool water. That pool.
Dusk was almost giving way to evening and yet there was still no star or moon in sight.

They did not know how they came there and certainly they had no intention in it, but when they reached the clearing the tree was there, magnificent in the exuberance of its fruits, that curved its lower branches almost to the ground. The air was filled with the sweet and penetrating aroma of ripe pomes. Some fruits, fallen down to the ground, were filled with worms and insects that poured out onto the grass like a black vomit which slithered in the black shadow of the incipient evening.
That living mush seemed governed by a precise purpose, because it grouped and headed towards an Adam’s foot, going up it.
The man felt a sort of itch on his calf; he looked at it and saw worms and insects coming up. Disgusted, he shook his leg violently to make that thing fall down, but doing so he unbalanced, lost his equilibrium and fell. While this was happening, he tried not to fall to the ground and therefore to hold onto something, he flailed in the air with his hands and one of them closed on a ripe fruit, tearing it away from the thin branch and taking it with him.

Eve was motionless, rigid, standing upright, her arms and hands left at her sides. Her eyes, wide open, stared at the inevitable while the sky turned red, a dark red, sanguineous and uniform.

As Adam stood up, he thought he noticed something unusual and different about Eve. Something strange. Her legs stoke a pose as to highlight sinuosity and curves of the female body and her pelvis was protruding to her left. Her hands ruffled her long hair, giving it volume. Her own hair looked wavy, almost curly, not straight like the Eve he knew.
The movement of her hands and her arms, folded overhead, highlighted the prominence of her breasts, turgid and beautiful, heaving.
Then, above all, her eyes! There was something weird into them, like the flashing of a green light; her eyelashes were black and thick and her eyebrows, very dark and unusually inclined towards the bridge of the nose, gave her face an upsetting expression of malice.
Really, Adam see Eve as described above, even if Eve, still motionless and petrified, likewise really, was almost terrified seeing the Adam gaze on her body.
In Adam’s mind, something even more strange and never seen arose. A warm and persuasive voice, a woman’s voice, began to creep into his thoughts. It whispered: “Look at her, the pervert one. She disobeyed His command by craving the pleasures of the flesh. She took pleasure from herself, the bitch! Look at her now, enjoying her body by flaunting it in front of you, as if she herself were the forbidden fruit. She is teasing you. Do you feel your bowels shake? They desire her. You desire her. She has already bitten the fruit, she has already taken her pleasure… so why should all this be denied to you, just you, only you? It’s not right! You have the same rights as her has… how someone can deprive yourself of what that fragile woman has already taken? Look at her! She is offering herself to you but at the same time she is denying you herself. She’s bitch and that bitch must be punished. I know you are acquainted with the truth of what I am telling you, and for the rest I am saying it only for your sake, for the sake of truth. I want your good. Listen to your bowels, satisfy them, ssatisfy them, sssatisfy them…”. Gradually, the voice had changed tone and sound and the last words sounded like the hiss of a snake. Adam’s mouth found the apple, still held in his right hand. He bit it. It was delicious. So He had lied to him and kept him away from the truth, from knowledge, from what was rightfully his. The voice of the Serpent spoke the truth. After all, Adam was taller, bigger, more muscular, stronger than Eve. He could have her. If he wanted to have her, he could have her. If he could have her, it was his right to have her for his amusement, as an helpless little animal, as an alive flesh toy, as a proof of his power.
Adam moved towards Eve, almost touching her.

The black tangle of putridity, leaking from hundreds of decomposed fruits, surrounded the two in a circle of evil that emanated the sickening yet at the same time sweetish smell of rotten flesh.
Eva was terrified yet helpless. Motionless.
She still sensed Lilith inhabiting her and she could do nothing.
She did not want to do anything.
She awaited what could now no longer be avoided.
Perhaps, even, a remote part of her wanted it.
Certainly she wanted him.
As the man clung tighter and tighter to her, so much so that the woman felt his gasping breath on her face, finally, Eva shook herself: she managed to shake herself, found strength and will to shake herself and reject Lilith away from her, out of her.
Eva shook herself in an awakening of awareness. An awakening of reason.
It was late.

Adam squeezed her shoulders with his strong hands and drew her to him, pressing his chest against hers and delighting, with a thrill of pleasure, in the contact of her pulsating breasts against his skin.
Adam, no! What are you doing? Please, I beg you: don’t! Don’t do it! Don’t do it or we’ll both be permanently lost, No! No! No…
Adam felt rejected. Unfairly rejected. Wounded in his right of possession.
How could she dare?
Along with desire, increasingly violent, mounted in the man a delirium of omnipotence and an unbridled, enormous, irrepressible rage.
Satisfy yourself… Ssatissfy…Sssatysssfy… Sssss
He ripped off her fragile sedge belt with a decisive gesture and threw it away.
Immediately, he threw the woman to the ground, supine, and was on her, on the softness of her warm yet reluctant flesh.

And behold: darkness came upon the whole earth. The dark blood-red twilight instantly yielded to utter darkness, without the smile of the stars, without the whiteness of the moon. Eden was thrown into darkness, into silence, into loneliness. In despair.

Eve, moaning and begging, tried to resist. She pressed both her hands on the man’s chest in a desperate attempt to free herself from the nightmare made reality. Everything was useless.
She began to hit him on the chest with his small fists, with unconscious and useless movements.
No, please…no…no…
Shut up, female. I want some too.
Then Adam forcefully grabbed Eve’s wrists, until they hurt, and pressed them to the ground in the still soft grass, holding them roughly at her head height.
Eve pointed her feet to the ground and tried to arch, to push him away, to get the man off of her, now her worst and only enemy: a monster devoid of sweetness and compassion.
The man was too heavy, too strong, too determined to have his satisfaction.

That was how he got her.
That was how Eve was taken.
The first time the flesh of woman and man came together was because man abused her.
Without love.
In anger.
As if she was a thing.
That was a rape.
Adam’s pleasure finally came like a muddy flood wave that filled Eve with its ichor.
Immediately thereafter, an unholy laughter spread through the still dark air that ran through Eden and every living being and inanimate object, altering their purity and innocence irreparably.
Eve wept profusely, filled with shame, now feeling guilty even of the offense she had suffered, the crime of which she had been the object.
She had been defiled.
She had defiled Adam.
They had lost each other.


(to be continued)



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