I’m back!

I’m sorry, but I had to work a lot in the last days, and I was lucky to have the Xmas holiday to close an important project.

So, I could not share here my stuff each saturday, as I try to do from years.

Yet, now, I’m back again and I hope you will se soon my silly thoughts here, again!

I wish you all the best in this new year. I am so grateful to this blog that allows me to meet a lot of so clever and interesting people all around the world!


Thanks you!

Judy, January, 15th 2018


Lighter air


Photo by J.B., 2016



The air is lighter and invades me so deeply
into my chest and into my mind
to enrapture my grey perverse soul
beyond me and this weighty world's weird

The air is lighter and tempts me and my body
so I climb quickly to find my peace place.
In the refuge I mix and confuse
dreams and memories and silence
                                and silence


Mezzalama Shelter, August, 19th 2016


Thank you to my sister LedaEuropa for her suggestions!

Italian version

Also the time died

“Visioni devastatrici” by Tom Porta: the Velasca Tower, Milan


I grew wild
exhibiting rejection
and abjuring bourgeois moralisms.
I hear doctors who say to wash hands
before eating
I see many idiots to pee
on the guardrail without any worry.
On the train no one looks at me for
everyone dreams somewhere on the web.

I’m dumbfounded and wonder
what did happen
to the artists and the common saints
born among the poor people?
And the navigators?
Where are you,
what about your nice works,
Where are now you, Italians?

I mourn our ancient culture
and the old and sharp rules
and the duty
and the intelligence too.

When it was that also the time died?

May, 31st 2016


Italian version

Green grass grins

Thinking about past and frost winters...



Photo by J.B., January, 2010


I remember past frost and dark winters
when I was a waste land without sun,
lover of the pale kiss of the fog
as emotion without body or soul


Green grass grins under snow waiting for
spring, then summer and light and so on
and the colours of lives and the flowers.
Even in the frost there’s living life


January,  31st 2016


Italian translation

Anacridium aegyptius

(pic from here)


I watch these your gold eyes with the strips
of a black alien shadow, disturbing.
Also my eyes have such dark insertions
that I too cannot know: is this me?


Your dress is an hard armour, defended
by spurs, thorns. You are made
by mechanical instinct; the wings
are two sheaths.


When did I block my flight to escape?


May, 13th 2015

The original, Italian version, is here

Easter eggs


When I was a child, I and my sister painted eggs for Easter.

Even now I do so, with my sons.

These are our 2015 Easter eggs: we will eat them today, at lunch, togheter with all my family.

Happy Holy Easter: everything can resurrect in your life togheter with God in this beautiful day.