A strong wind

JB, that day


A strong wind tears white foam off from water
that swells as an old giant’s loud scream.
All hangs into a dark leaden sky,
density of each spirit is free

A wild wind sweeps my face, so my anger
moves away compared with the immense
swirling of forces greater than those
of each minute whims which I can do

Wind. I stand up with effort and upright
turning my chest against booming sea.
I feel all this my body alive
then a smile looks for you and I’m safe



April, 25th 2019

Italian version

You can find here more informations about this holiday.


Photo from wikipedia

Privet fragrance floods me in the garden
sweet as a caress during the night
when I can find comfort and my flesh
feels relax and the spasm soon collaps

As a young blackbird my poor soul scampers
looking deeply in the life grass for something
that is precious and worth to live with.
I am caught by an odd happy peace

My skin shrivels and my legs lost their
strength together with their youthful pride
yet a new and strange hope now grows up.
I am lovely when I climb my anger

May, 29th 2016


Thank you dear Marina: I did not know this beautiful song. Fly, blackbird, fly!

Italian version

Cologne and Regensburg

Now the beasts want mass rapes
also here,
while we silly
celebrate foolish rituals,
and we dance
within Europe
that is faltering, sleeping
that is missing.
They said "Use them anyway you want"
Anybody but women
and not muslim:
It must not be said,
in a war,
it is normal. It is regular, usual
and expected.
They did do their test.
asked them at least clarity.
How did they want treat him?
And us, how?
Those who has no more face
those who lost their honour
and their faith,
those who buried their ideas
as the shit in the fields,
those who go on anyway
- and are only an illusion -
those who no more exist
have no voice and are waiting for death.
I'm so pissed for this
nasty state of affairs!
and for us and me too.
Where are you, girls and sisters?
So I prey, I hope so:
Our Lady, Holy Virgin, help us.

Italian version here