Le onde – The waves

My book will certainly run to many volumes,

embracing every known variety of man and woman.

(Virginia Woolf, The waves)

Come a scuola (e mattina ero ancora)

quasi un sacco  di sargia la pelle

che il mio corpo sbagliato nasconde.

Ora è un peso la sera e mi inghiotte

Sono flutti i pensieri che lenti

la risacca maltratta e gli scogli.

Inquietudine sono le onde

dentro d’ogni me stessa e uno strappo.

– The waves –

As at school (and I was till my morning)
my skin is like a brown serge’s bag
that my wrong body holds and hides too.
Now the night is a weight and me swallows

My thoughts are as some billows that slow
the backwash abuses on the reefs.
Restlessness are the waves inside me
anxiety of each myself and a tear.

(to Virginia and her faces: Susan, Jinny, Rhoda, Louis, Nevil ed above all  Bernard)

Tursday, 22th november 2012