The remains of my ghosts, as unsolved
connections, percolate deeply into the mind.
They disturb much more than this dark fog,
gift of incoherent, so strange winter

I long for waters of extinct rains
that I would drink as life of the meadows
or of oak, beech and ash trees in the forest
I, the birch undermined by the time

I am impatient stump, as a relic
that would rise yet it droops and it’s faint,
because little sap frozen in the stem
anymore instils turgor to the buds


December, 29th 2015


See here for the Italian version

Maybe snow

D.Buzzati, Spirits chasing each other in front of a face

W.H.Auden continued to obsess me with his poem “Another time”, with his words: It’s today in which we live.
Sunday I was chatting with my friend Red: she talked about the snow. My young friend Glitter too said something about the snow, but in her dark way. After, I knew that a my beautiful friend tried to kill herself.
In the next night I wrote this stuff.


Maybe snow will come on thoughts, at last
when my arms will be hard I, at least,
will be alone with my eyes full of mist
then I’ll watch to my life running fast

I’ll be old, I’ll be cold, then my mask
will no more justify any beast
Perhaps free I’ll be me, I’ll exist
yet my life to its end will be at last

I’ll see you, I’ll see Thou in the last
pulse of heart without blood. I’ll be least.
I’ll know all this my life as a beast
resurrect, I’ll find peace. I’ll die fast

November, 9th 2015


Please do something to me

Cascina Donzellina 8 febbraio 2014

Please do something to me, to me now!
while the sky is distilling gray things
and we are both slack, lying on the bed
as dull scraps helpless, poor …

I wish be always catched by love
born from flesh or the mind.
I’m a body who fell, you grab me!
give me something
so I can give too

Judy, Autobahn to Venice, February, 7th 2014


Fa’ qualcosa di me, fallo adesso
mentre il cielo distilla grigiori
e noi molli restiamo nel letto
quasi inutili resti impotenti

Voglio essere presa costante
dell’amore di carne e di mente.
Sono un corpo caduto, approfitta
di me dammi
da offrire