They grow up

Toward London together with my sons, 2017


After these rainy and strange and cold months
everything is well usual, awake
in the world of green life,
                                        in this time
where already spring is warming up

You are peaceful too. I look at you
while you talk and have rest quietly.
What will do our sons to whom we
gave both life and sense to be in the world?

Now they go unsteady and shaky but
but they try as we too tried then.
Let’s give them all that field we could to have
when our time was so dense: a promise


May, 31st 2019


Italian version

Now I’m free

Image from here

(from Chiaroscuro)

Now I’m free.

Not thanks to an absolute

I am free.

There’s a plot for my gestures,
For the present time

And the next.

Now I watch at the pale sun,
The same sun, at the Poplar,
At that fog and that silence.

Now I’m free.


Italian version