Alien world



Monreale, JB 29.IV.2023

Tomorrow, Saturday, I’ll be in another short trip, so I post one day earlier this stuff and share it today. Of course, it’s about my previous short holiday


Alien world make by gold, arabesques,
and hieratic Byzantines known saints,
old mosaics by Venetia and Islam
encompassed in Catholic ways

Sunny world with fragrant orange trees
along avenues, with foreign figs
evergreen, mighty giants
stretching out wooden arms

Ancient world, friendly people
proud of their ancient glories
and sightseers who bite everything
like a prey that is later recounted

Strange world that can absorbs any sense.

I come here, only and just a few days,
as to measure so distant, far cultures,
tripping in my own body that fails.

Anger of being old can destroy


Palermo, April 29th 2023
(rearranged on May, 6th 2023)

Italian version

Juda’s tree is a girl (1st)



JB, 2023


My wisteria weeps flowers of joy.
Juda’s tree is like exploding girl,
bright pink, filling up all with brown bees
and with brisk buzzing that gives me peace

Blue periwinkles awaken; the grass
swells the meadow with modest white flowers
that are like pearls well hidden by seas
that are like happy smiles of young women

So it’s spring and all lives burst now forth
soon erasing the pauses of winter.
I feel life and it flows in my blood
and it fills both my heart and my mind

You are Easter, Passover, You’re Easter
now, You: You’re the Lord who now comes
Give faith and give hope and give all fullness
To my aging and dried poor skin


April, 16th 2023

See also a sort of continuation here

Italian version

Be to me



JB, 2019


Sharp defined by death is the life
and determines all things.
So is Man, so is Woman
though they wanted make them

But You wanted be Easter
and You are Easter now

Make me thine: give me life
So be to me. Thou. Be
to me as the sunrise

Make me moon in the night
of the world
nunc et semper
et in saecula saeculorum


 April, 15th 2023

Italian version

Easter eggs


uova 2023

As usual, here are my Easter eggs. Sorry for the bad photo. Of course, my eggs are those two: the poplar and the oak.

Happy Holy Easter to everybody!

May Christ enter our life. May His resurrection strike hard us. May we resurrect together with Him. Now.

Italian version

Matthew 26: 17-75


Guido Reni - San Pietro in lacrime (particolare)

Guido Reni, Saint Peter’s tears (particular)

Christ is the one who, having endured suffering, is “the pioneer and perfecter of our faith” (Heb 12:2).
Pope Francis

Every day, every hour, every minute of our lives, resurrecting, resuming, recommencing must set our path, must be the law.
Luigi Giussani


Your friend comes with the world to betray
in the darkness the life and its meaning.
In that garden. In that garden I sleep

You were one of his too. It’s not true!
It’s not true! I perjure, scream and lie
one more time, once again. For three times.

Maybe it’s dawn and it crows anyway.
You knew it, you said it. I did it.
Let my tears gush out when roosters crow


Holy Thursday: April, 6th 2023

Italian version

Lent Friday


Koeder tronco

Sieger Köder, Jesus is given his cross. I found it here

Well, yesterday I was at that concert: a meditation about Lent made by music and art images.

It was very moving. To cry. I did it.

While I was listening to the chorus, my fingers wrote this too much long stuff.


Empty church listens to you through verses
of the old and the new, moved by
looking at You: both love and dismay

Every niche resonates with songs
of supreme beauty and highest pain
Ineffable nevertheless obvious

Death and joy and salvation and sorrow
tightly encircle my heart and my mind
You fill my misery with your love

You are a gift to each and to all
and the scourge consumes you for my good.
Look: I offer you the crown of thorns

You see me and save me, me so little
flesh pervaded by evil and pride.
I am dry earth and you are mourning me

All world history does not end here
I do not end here, caught by my evil
And You colour my so pale poor face

Tell me: did I strike you just now, there?
on this day and in the years I saw
I hide myself and there: Eve, the snake

Give me water that gushes from bones
that the spear broke, outrageous, insolent.
I want to drink You, You are not offended

You resurrect all death into full beauty
senseless things are so changed to hope.
Come fast and take me, take me just now

A sigh tears off my mind where the life
came forever here, into the world
I’m a disgusting beast; You save me

The death silence now cries out hard pain
and denounces the crime of all times
“I am to decide, to will, to do”

Now I see: I am the way of the cross
and its substance; I condemn to death
in my heart You, my God, who saves me

My soul is seeking and needing salvation
while time quickly corrodes my flesh
I want to be born adult to love You

I recompose my face in your one
while the world fast corrodes my hope.
On my knees I adore You. On my knees

Empty heart listens to You through verses
of the old and the new and I’m moved.
I look at You, You love and dismay.

March, 25th 2023


Italian version

Eve dream. Chapter three. Adam – part four: epilogue

cacciata Masaccio

Masaccio, Cacciata di Adamo ed Eva. Detail

Eve dream first episode (Lilith part one)

Previous episode (Adam part three)


IV. Epilogue

So, it happened.
That’s how it happened.
In Eden, it happened.
It happened thus.
Adam was also a good man, because Adam was a good man.
Adam was a good man who loved Eve.
He was a gentle man.
And Eve.
And Eve was a beautiful woman who enjoyed Adam’s love.
Eve loved Adam.
Eve loved Adam far beyond the flesh. Beyond all possible instincts.
They loved each other.
Eve and Adam loved each other and one of them was a part of the other. And vice versa.
Eve was part of Adam and so she conceived herself.
Adam was part of Eve and he knew himself to be empty, useless, incapable of anything without Eve.
Adam had desired Eve to be.
Adam had asked Him for a companion so that he would not be alone and Eve had been given to him.
And Eve cuddled up in Adam’s arms at night, her head on his strong chest, and fell asleep cradled by his breath.
They used to fall asleep in the warmth of the other, the other her and the other him, and so, each morning, they awoke gladly to life again.
Yes: they had both been wanted.
They had been willed to be together. For him to be delighted with her, the other. For her to be delighted with him, the other.
So that one would complete the other and he would complete her and she would complete him.
They were created for each other: she for him and he for her. They were created to be one.
Eve was Adam’s flesh, but Adam was Eve’s flesh.
They owned each other.
Both of them.
They were naive, they were perhaps unsophisticated, you would say today. They were naive until that day.
Then, they knew it.
They recognized it.
They were aware of it.
They experienced it.
They wanted to mold themselves beyond what was logical and rational. Beyond what was right. Even beyond what was obvious.
Beyond their evidence of being created. Of being made. Of being creatures. Of having had a definite beginning, notwithstanding what such a consideration should have highlighted with the utmost clarity.
They knew and should have remembered that they depended on Others.
On an Other. On the One. On their Creator, on the Creator of everything and each thing.
Certainly: they knew this, but they succumbed to the deception and shared in the nefariousness of the Unholy Being. They succumbed to the temptation to be God. They succumbed to the temptation to need nothing but self. To be sufficient to self. Against all evidence.
So, immediately, Eve thought she was enough for herself and perversely loved her own dark image, cutting off the rest of the world.
So, immediately, Adam saw the whole world as his own right of possession, a proof of his own power, and he humbled Eve to be a thing and enjoyed her as if she were a toy. No: not “her.” He enjoyed her body. She had nothing to do with it.
So, they knew it. They did it. They were foolish and suffered it, believing they were actors, protagonists, all-powerful wills, when in fact they were nothing but puppets operated and manipulated by the Serpent. They were obtuse, stolid, evil.
They did it.
And with them, through them, evil invaded the world.
Evil, sin, pain, disease.
All this burst into the world and was overpowering.
Because Adam was a good man and Eve was a good woman, but that is not enough to be good.
To be good is not enough to be righteous, nor to be wise.
For what really matters is obedience to what we are called to.
The right response to what we are called to.
The adherence to that for which we exist.
Volitional adherence to that which has called us to life. To what only can make and does make us.
We need the right response and adherence to the destiny prepared for us all, First or Second we are. To the good destiny designed for all free creatures.
One is born as one is: perhaps one is born good. Adam was born good; he was made good.
Eve was good.
One is born as she and he is: one can be born good or bad.
One is born as she and he is, but it is what he and she chooses that builds him and her adult ones.
What he or she chooses, not even what he or she does.
One can be born good and die damned.
No one is saved alone, not even the good.
And He wanted man and woman to be complete, because He loved them. And He made them free. He thought them free. He made them free.
So the Seconds also knew freedom and had freedom, but it was misinterpreted. It was misused.
Because freedom is a great gift, a gift second only to His love, but it is not given to be guarded, buried like that famous talent: freedom is given to be used, so that it bears fruit.
So that it bears eternal life.
For freedom must be freedom to adhere to truth and justice, otherwise it is evil.
A wolf cannot be imputed malice when it disembowels a lamb, for it is not free and can only follow its own nature. Its own innocent nature.
Of course, you can suppress the nature of your cat or your dog by chastising it and forcing it not to do certain things or to do other things. In many cases, your animal will obey you. But you cannot ask it to understand why.
You, on the other hand, are free.
You can understand, so you must understand.
And you must choose.

Finally, one more thing. Have in mind: we, the First Ones, are also free. However, there is a huge difference between us and you: we have such knowledge of things that it enables us, in the immediacy of a moment not even perceptible or measurable by you, to make choices that are always final. Irrevocable. Perhaps we are obliged to do this. However, this is who we are and this is our nature.
When I chose good, I did it once and forever and that decision of mine cannot be changed or revoked. Never.
When the Fallen chose rebellion and evil, they were damned forever. Irrevocably. By their own unquestionable choice.
So are the Firsts.
The Seconds, Humankind, men and women, are different in this and, compared to us, are similar to your children. You need time to grow, to understand, to know, to grasp, even though confusedly and partially the meaning of things. You are like children and proceed tentatively. You have eyes, but you are often blind to what really matters: this is your nature.
After all, you are born children.
This slowness and nearness of yours may be considered a disadvantage, and indeed it is. However, it brings with it the possibility of an additional gift: forgiveness.
You can evolve, improve, change your choices.
Of course: you can become evil, wicked, bestial, horrible. Depraved.
But you can repent of your evil.
No wickedness of yours, not even the most wretched and hideous, has the seal of finality.
You can repent.
And He forgives you.


(The end)

Thank you so much to Lizzie Gudkov for her revision af my bad English


Thank you Pope Benedict


A very gentle person, an extremely cultured scholar. Passionate about beautiful music, he said “to sing is almost flying”. Above all, he loved Jesus Christ and his church, as he reminded us with his last, moving, words in our world.

He also liked cats.

He was a clear and sure reference point, despite the never seen and delicate situation that he himself contributed to determine, for reasons that are unknown.

I am sorry that he left us and yet I am certain that he is now with the saints and that from there he can still help us navigate this fog.

Thank you Pope Benedict.

January, 5th 2023

Eve dream. Chapter two. Halved – part three


Picture by Beth Hokhmah, found here

Eve dream first episode (Lilith part one)

Previous episode (Halved part two)


2 Halved – part three

Eve was naked.
Eve found herself naked and fragile.
Eve blushed with shame, also for this.
Eva blushed, ashamed of herself, prey to an immense remorse.

It was thus. So, the Woman felt her need to somehow shelter from her malice, or at least to distract herself from it; she therefore gathered flexible sedge leaves around her, intertwined them in a sort of loose and bottomless basket and with it she encircled her pelvis and what she herself had profaned first.
She tied the interweaved sedges around her waist, above her hips, to cover her nakedness: as a matter of fact, if she looked at her groin, she felt stir into her intimate the excitement and lust of the Serpent and of her own obscene, unspeakable parody: Lilith.
As she was prey to an almost unbearable melancholy, she resumed wandering around the garden. She knew the abundance of her tears.

The cursed voice, however, did not abandon her and gave her no respite. At this point, almost hissing, she insisted on putting forward her thesis: “Now you are finally free. Now you know. Now you have seen and heard and experienced an ecstasy that you never even imagined existed. Now you know yourself and you know you are enough for yourself. You know you can be enough for yourself. The deception of the Creator has been exposed. Now you are finally one, black and white together. Light and Shadow. Eve and Lilith. Now you are whole. Now you know that I am your true creator. Now you will adore me”.
How unbearably false all this was!
Despite the insinuating and insistent hisses of the Snake, the Woman clearly perceived the exact opposite. The sensation of having been drastically reduced, diminished, halved was so acute that it made her pant, till it painted her chest.
She had gained nothing, but on top of that she had lost a lot. First of all, she had forever ruined and abandoned the purity of the gaze, the peace of her heart, the crystalline clarity of the perception of oneself, of the Mankind, of the whole Universe.
Moreover, now it would have been much more difficult to identify the direction of Time and the Meaning of things.
Each path, each way would have cost pain and error.
She had generated the fatigue of existing.
Her solidity faded.
By doubling and acquiescing to the worst of herself to exist without any control, not being able and unwilling in any case to become her own evil and destructive Shadow, she had in fact halved.
We could already see in it the tangible, sad and terrible possibility of taking advantage of Man and others who would come to seek one’s own satisfaction. To plunder nature for one’s own benefit. To feel hatred and resentment whenever others opposed their own lives and needs to the total self-fulfillment and satisfaction.

Eve therefore knew the most terrible aspect of freedom: the rejection of the Good. The rejection of the Beauty. She had rejected the truth of herself, the truth of the whole world.

She had rejected the Truth.
Innocence was lost.
Eve had confused Love with the instinct of the flesh.
She had disrupted her own being, exchanging the total gift of herself with the demand of satisfaction.
Sin had imbued humanity.
Sin had imbued humanity to its deepest roots.
Everything was about to change.
Everything had changed, perhaps forever.

No, not forever. Only for a long time, for millennia, until Mary, the New Woman, appeared.
The real woman.
The Immaculate Conception.
The one who would collaborate in the salvation of the Seconds.
She who would have had countless titles, countless attributes.

No, not forever. Just for a long time, for millennia, until the New Woman would appear. The real Woman. Mary.
She, the Immaculate Conception.
The one who would help to save the Seconds.
She who would have countless titles, countless attributes.
Because, there! The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son.
לָכֵן יִתֵּן אֲדֹנָי הוּא לָכֶם אוֹת הִנֵּה הָעַלְמָה הָרָה וְיֹלֶדֶת בֵּן וְקָרָאת שְׁמוֹ עִמָּנוּאֵל

The little girl, a little girl.
A poor ignorant young woman.
The wisest of all humanity and not only so: the Queen of Angels.
Sedes sapiéntiae, Regína angelórum.
The little girl who would be the Refuge of Sinners.
Refugium peccatórum.
The source and seat of wisdom.
Sedes sapiéntiae.
The Mirror of His holiness.
Speculum iustitiae.
The Cause of our joy.
Cáusa nóstrae laetítiae.
The Gate of Heaven.
Iánua cáeli
The Morning Star.
Stella matutina.
The Queen of Angels!
Regina angelórum.

She, who would have made redemption possible, even generating the Son of Him.

The Son, who would descend among men, into the world.
The Son, who would once again show Love, Good, Beauty.
The One who would restore the path to salvation.
Thus, in the fullness of time, the True Woman would suffer her unspeakable pain close to her Son, the Son of Man, the Son of God.

She would have seen the Son, her son, to be erected upright like a criminal, like an outcast, but she would have understood that in such abjection the poor bones of Adam would once again have been elevated toward the sky. The earth, putrid by sin, the earth that smelled of death and shame would be lifted once again and definitively even beyond Eden, towards Heaven.

Because, there! An incurable enmity arises between the Woman and the Serpent, between the progeny of the Woman and the progeny of the Serpent.
And the Serpent will attack the heels of the Woman’s lineage.
And the seed of Men will bruise the head of the Serpent.

All the Seconds would have a new chance, yet Eve didn’t know that this would happen.

Thus, the Woman fell to her knees on the peaty ground and, quite unusual, she injured herself by hitting a hard, sharp stone. Drops of red blood dyed the grass in Eden for the first time. Evil generated pain. She collapsed, trembling with shame, remorse and fear, hiding her face in her hands, wincing in violent and inconsolable sobs.


(to be continued)

Partial Italian version here