Avatar’s dew

I found this photo here


Ok: that so dear friend told me something about another meaning of the word “dew” in Japanese language.
I wrote this stuff for that friend …


You were smile of the dew
upon green winter grass
You were light happy rain
in my spring among nights

You were dream in my life
that runs fast toward death.
That’s my sin: to be there
empty mask withouth flesh


February, 1st 2018

Falcons twirling


Photo by J.B., 2009


My thoughts are alike games of two falcons
twirling and pirouetting delighted
in the fresh morning air when the sunshine
absolves me from my recursive mists

The dew covers the low simple lives:
within the grass there is silver now.
I look at naked, dark, silent trees,
intertwined black hopes of the leaves


Italian version

Come back black

febbraio 2016 (4) ruotata web_back black


Come back black our earths under winter
as my heavy heart closed by bad thoughts.
I would want see light back in your eyes
and the smile between your gentle lips


Come back black our earths under winter
again turned by the farmer who works her.
I pray God to twist hard this my life
until it can grow in this cold winter


Also I come back black under winter
like when they turn up clods of the loam
and the wild green grass so disappears.
Let the green grass grow up deep in me


February, 1st 2016


Italian version