They come back


photo by JB, 2017

Now, again, they come back
piercing soft mosses and dried twigs,
the life buds are a new erect sign,
a new spring maybe possible soon


In my little, thin world,
where I live, in the plant rack, I see
in spite of the wind running still cold
something green now grows up young and strong


Now, again, also I
could be back, as new hope of a start
in spite of all the world evil, strong
maybe spring does my beauty return


February, 9th 2017

Italian translation


Photo from wikipedia

Privet fragrance floods me in the garden
sweet as a caress during the night
when I can find comfort and my flesh
feels relax and the spasm soon collaps

As a young blackbird my poor soul scampers
looking deeply in the life grass for something
that is precious and worth to live with.
I am caught by an odd happy peace

My skin shrivels and my legs lost their
strength together with their youthful pride
yet a new and strange hope now grows up.
I am lovely when I climb my anger

May, 29th 2016


Thank you dear Marina: I did not know this beautiful song. Fly, blackbird, fly!

Italian version

Te Deum




Can you see? An year tonight, another
runs away
and it vanishes soon. Fast.
The time’s tangle
snarls itself then grabs it
to drag it far away
where the silence is silent.

And me …
… Here I am and resist, with my face
masked, clothed
by pale flesh
sometimes there is a smile, or a frown,
or just nothing

And you?
Like me, in the tangle
of this everything passing
in the gray
of the fog and of me:
all things off

And us?
Anyway we go walking,
in the fog, in the time, in the pallors
of the quivering flesh
and more grave,
full with faces and facts, Hope
and surprise and so beautiful
and surprised
our Hope


December, 31st 2015


Go here for the Italian version