Nude in white

(Nude in white_002_1 by Moki Yuitza)

Thank you Moki for your beautiful pic!

Like a virgin she is white, as a dove,
pure and nude
she contracts
all herself
whole her body so strong and booth thin
all her soul.

White on white
she wants exit to live
chasing flesh, pouncing herself
to exist exit
rising from the white sheet.

Not a maiden nor white,
never pure
I too lie in the white
of my pale life:
that’s my sheet
my flat sheet.
A white sheet,
flat on it
my life acts

I’m my shadow,
my white shadow,
I’ve no shadow
white on white on the floor
pale my sheet.
Sometime exit a word.
Only sometimes my words try to exit
to stand up
piercing that flat surface
to exist.

So attempt
I to hole the white floor.
to not acting for me:
to be me
I must exit the conventions’ floor
I’ve to exit that sheet.

Finding so colours, shapes.
Finding me.

Friday, 8th February 2013