I’m my mask

I’m my mask after sunshine and harder
than my clothes my skin close myself
mirrors can’t see this timid girl trapped
no rain me can damp but all me bashes

No eye may see my body as my soul
nor my feelings are spread: I’m my show.
All the day I’m not me but another
people with my same face, not my heart

Soon but in too much time will be night
with you I will go out from my cage
Shadows get back dissolving my theatre
by the night. I’m illusion, perhaps

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Between light and the darkness

Between light and the darkness I’m all true
naked and wearing my nudity itself
I’m my flesh and the skin that it closes
just my feels’ is explosion and you know

Twilight zone before lose me or dreaming
again felt for you in love and still loved
just my lorica and masks are then loosed
as makeup when I tear when I think it

Tuesday, 13th march 2012