I need silence

JB, 2013


I need silence
and cold.

I need time
to sink watches
I need time
to stop time
I seek thoughts
to kill thoughts.

I find
only empty bad thoughts
I find evil
the evil I am.

I was selfish and cruel
I need silence and cold
to freeze fantasies
So the emotions
can turn themselves to ice.

I need glasses
to see better me
I need ice glasses to
freeze my heart
to survive
Bye for now
bye dear friend


January, 30th 2018



OK. I had a beautiful photo, with Venus and the blue sky and the black spruce. That photo was born near Bergamo, together with these words.
Ok: I am silly and I deleted it.

This photo comes from here

I look at Venus that shines, it’s shining
solitude and ice frost blue mountains.
The dark deep sky is sapphire and cools down
the clear air. All around is still silence

A spruce is a black silhouette; it stays up
upright, lifeless and without each thought.
The night dyes a desert with its shadows
and I breath only this silence. Silence

December, 27th 2016


Italian version



Photo by J.B., August, 25th 2016


In the setting of rocks and silences
waters made as green emeralds, jewels
of sapphire follow each other pursuing
the chaste song of snows and cotton grasses

All is silent and smells of enormous
drawn up towards impossible Height.
The sound of my vain thoughts now is stopped
and the blue floods me whole violently

I am drunk of this clear light, of this sky
I feel good and dissolve each my trouble
as a stone far away among stones.
Everything is just strain and both beauty

And I’m fine. I feel good. I feel good


Col Rosset, August, 25th  2016

Italian version