To be softie


My friend Glitter invites me to share my stuff at a new expo; she, Kristine and AnnaFrancesca made the virtual building in which it is possible show pictures, 3d works and so on. I tried to show some words.

Glitter named that project “To be softie“. She, Kristine and AnnaFrancesca joked about it with this machinima.

I joked about it with some silly words.


To be softie I need your warm skin
under my lips and thumbs, I need hugs
of your strong arms around all myself
I need songs of blackbirds on the shrubs

When I’m softie I see better words
about peace and love and true full joy
I became like a mad silly cat
while it balances itself on the tree

Yet I don’t really know what’s the sense
of this “softie” about Glitter says.
But I feel happy and young just now, then
I can write this stuff and feel me so



SL, Eternal Possession,

November, 26th 2016