Leda - Marcela Bolivar

picture by Marcela Bolivar

(Dedicated to LedaEuropa)

     (The girl) The girl lies on the fresh and soft grass
     near the beach, where she feels all the life
     of the sea as a swelling, and seagulls.
     The warm sun soon will caress her skin

(Leda) There a sudden weird love, as a swan
enters her, as a flabby white cloud,
and rapes her slipping his long strong neck
everywhere, like a lustful long snake

     The dawn brushes the girl body now
     with its yellow and pale grazing light
     and the sea breeze takes to her the waves
     as some delicate, far, moving whispers

Leda is both a dream, promise and flesh;
she is betrayed by that pagan sky
like all: Danae, Europa, Io, many ...
like each woman who pays live the world

August, 21st 2016

Italian version

Cologne and Regensburg

Now the beasts want mass rapes
also here,
while we silly
celebrate foolish rituals,
and we dance
within Europe
that is faltering, sleeping
that is missing.
They said "Use them anyway you want"
Anybody but women
and not muslim:
It must not be said,
in a war,
it is normal. It is regular, usual
and expected.
They did do their test.
asked them at least clarity.
How did they want treat him?
And us, how?
Those who has no more face
those who lost their honour
and their faith,
those who buried their ideas
as the shit in the fields,
those who go on anyway
- and are only an illusion -
those who no more exist
have no voice and are waiting for death.
I'm so pissed for this
nasty state of affairs!
and for us and me too.
Where are you, girls and sisters?
So I prey, I hope so:
Our Lady, Holy Virgin, help us.

Italian version here