The horizon

Rimini aprile 2016 (3)_web

 photo by JB 2016
The sky maybe builds link with the heavy
     while down far it falls over there, farther 
starting to link itself to the water
painting colours without any violence

A seagull screams both silly and foolish
paradigms with no sense or momentum
So desire becomes poor vain ambition:
everything is a fluid and fail supports

April, 30th 2016

Italian version

The water’s cry

IMG_2850 small

Beyond the forest, beyond any thoughts
there’s a river.
There I hear the water’s cry

In the mystery of woods, under the trees
with the fresh shadow mosses, I feel
my wild wordless drive  strong. I seem free

Beyond the forest, inside my bad thoughts
there’s a river
where I see the water’s run.
Like me it seems be free but I hear
its screams thrown to the wind

Beyond any forest and inside my free thoughts
I’ve a river and it cries.
As a fresh water stream I may not
reach back my true deep source

Ayas Valley,

August, 1st 2014

Italian version here